InkFolio is the first true marketplace for tattoo artists. Finally take the ages old process of finding an artist and getting a tattoo into the 21st century. Discover the perfect artist for the tattoo you’ve been wanting to get but haven’t been able to find the right person to do the job.

Inkfolio is the first marketplace dedicated to helping people find the perfect tattoo artist. In order to get the best artist for the job, search by specialty, location, price, etc. View the artist’s professional portfolio and read reviews on their past work.
With Inkfolio’s built in calendar function, the client can see exactly when an artist has openings on their schedule. Pick the best date/time, request an appointment, and then provide the artist with all the necessary information about the tattoo idea.
Collaborating with a tattoo artist has never been easier. Once an appointment is requested, a client can chat directly with the artist through the Inkfolio app. Exchange reference photos, talk about tattoo elements, and agree on a final design.
Inkfolio is a free and open tool that allows tattoo artists to be artists. Let the app handle all of the daily business functions that has taken time away from creating amazing tattoos. Click on the eyeball to learn about what exactly Inkfolio can provide…

For Tattoo Artists

  • You have the ability to be discovered by new potential clients who are searching for someone to do their next tattoo.
  • Post your portfolio and keep it updated with ease.
  • Take appointment requests through the app.
  • Ditch the physical paper calendar and create an online version to be updated anytime and taken anywhere.
    • Send reminders to your upcoming appointments to cut down on missed sessions and put money back in your pocket.
    • Notify other clients when you do get a cancellation to fill that slot with a paying customer.
  • Collaborate with the client through built in chat functionality (stop giving out your phone number and email)
  • Collect a deposit before you draw up their piece.
This has not yet been implemented.